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Use the links below to purchase licenses and review regulations at various state agencies.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ministry of Natural Resources - Ontario

All anglers 17 and older are required to have a valid Michigan fishing license.  Michigan fishing licenses can be bought online. Please have your license before you arrive at the river, since there is no place close to the launch to purchase a license.

Canadian fishing licenses: it is highly recommended to purchase a daily license at a minimum, since on many days the best fishing takes place on the Canadian side of the river. The difference can be significant in both the numbers and the size of fish caught during your trip.  Please have your Canadian license BEFORE arriving at the river.

Notes on Canada fishing: in Canada, all minors under 17 can fish without a license, but each minor must have an adult with a license to fish under.  If the minor does not have a license, the minor and the adult are only allowed one limit of fish combined between the two of them. 

If we will be fishing in Canada, each person on board must be able to prove citizenship with one of the following documents on their person: 1) enhanced driver’s license 2) passport 3) passport card.

If you have ANY reason to believe you will have issues with customs in either Canada or the US, please inform me ahead of time. Violations such as DUI, will prohibit you from entering Canada.

The following items are NOT permitted in Canada: firearms, alcoholic beverages, cash over $10,000, and tobacco products.

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